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Great captains & great crews
are not made by calm seas.
We are around 250 entrepreneurs, creators & solvers with deep roots in the Tech & Start-up world.
Our complementary skill sets and wide range of experience in the digital space allows us to thrive and enjoy creating maximum impact on every challenge we face – from co-founding, angel-investing and building digital solutions for our clients, to building full-fledged companies from the ground up.

Our physical home bases are in Germany, Portugal and Switzerland, but our roots are from over 30 nations, and this exciting journey binds us all together!
Our Five Core Beliefs
Software eats
Software eats
the world
We fully agree with Marc Andreessen’s renowned quote, “Software is eating the world”, and have adopted this as one of our core beliefs – it is key to understand & utilize technology across all value chains and business models no matter the size of the organization.
Being adaptable
Being adaptable
becomes crucial
The dynamics of change are constantly increasing (necessary prerequisites, general conditions) – not to mention events such as COVID-19 – thus not only understanding these changes but also successfully adapting to them becomes crucial.
Execution excellence
Execution excellence
is the foundation
The main challenge in Europe is not the lack of state-of-the-art technologies & new digital business models, it’s applying and executing them to address a problem and face competition, globally.
Understand & appreciate
Understand & appreciate
creating in ecosystems
Modern roles of suppliers, partners, and competitors are more complex and convoluted with ecosystem models that are constantly evolving. Not only understanding the underlying mechanics but also being an active member in any relevant ecosystems becomes mandatory.
It’s all about the
It’s all about the
right people
Due to the power & scalability of technology and digital business models, even small teams have become increasingly a decisive factor. Finding, assessing, winning, developing & retaining the right people is more important than ever.
Our Purpose
We see ourselves as entrepreneurs, solvers and creators at heart, focused on fast and successful execution, measurable results and a deep understanding of value creation.
Our mission is simple – make a difference across Europe by building sustainable, technology-driven business models in a constantly evolving world.
Our culture requires a strong willingness to go beyond borders and embraces being open to different opinions – navigating like pirates rather than the navy. We value the importance of making bold moves and the need to adjust quickly to changing environments.
Our Core Expertise
Mastering challenges & opportunities (our core beliefs) requires a broad range of skills, diverse teams of driven people and a never-ending flow of new ideas and input. KI group is constantly evolving to drive holistic solutions and systemic changes. To highlight our German roots, we have created a structure that defines our core areas of expertise – each one essential to the overall success of KI group.
  • Globally investing in start-ups
  • Hosting & participating in events & meetups
  • Offering kick-ass co-working facilitie
  • Contributing to the FOSS and tech communities
& Company Building
  • Developing new digital business models
  • Building new companies and platforms from the bottom-up leveraging the assets of Europe’s industry leaders
  • Bringing new technology & trends into business context
  • Supporting co-creation among incumbents & the new challengers
  • Implementing intelligent automation, cloud & infrastructures and data platforms at scale
  • Engineering of digital products and large scale platforms
  • Focusing on execution excellence
  • Providing expertise in process, methods & tooling (e.g. agile delivery, SAFe)
  • Delivering technology execution & engineering
Our Core Companies
Our Portfolio
We are backing the next generation of entrepreneurs, solvers and creators - investing, co-founding and incubating.
Our Locations
Mittelstrasse 12-14
50672 Cologne, Germany
Stuttgart 1
Alexanderstraße 36
70184 Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart 2
Marienplatz 12
70178 Stuttgart, Germany
Karl-Marx-Allee 90c,
10243, Berlin, Germany
Oberanger 44
80331 Munich, Germany
Av. Alm. Reis 65 5º Andar,
1150-011 Lisboa, Portugal
Edifício Moagem,
R. Camilo Korrodi 62,
2400-111 Leiria, Portugal
Dufourstrasse 43
1. Stockwerk
8008 Zürich, Switzerland